From the Principal's Desk...

Dear Children,

It is said that Human mind has great potential.  We need to unlock this power to go where we are meant to go.  We need to tap the inner strength in order to succeed.  For this it is imperative for all of us to set goals.

For setting goals in life, you need to be clear and have commitment.  Also, the goals that you set should be challenging.  It is a proven fact that children are a bundle of energy.  And you need to  channelize this energy in proper direction.  This abundant energy that you have, if channelized, will work wonders.  How, then, do you channelize this energy?

The first step in this direction is defining your goals.  Secondly, prepare an action plan to achieve the set target.  Thirdly, put deliberate and sincere efforts which will motivate you to make rapid strides towards attainment of your goals.  Share your goals with someone else so that you make yourself accountable and stay committed to your goals.  Set up a feedback mechanism to check your progress.  For this you will require to write down your goals, prepare a chart,  device time bound strategies and finally note down the  level of progress you have achieved.  Subject yourself to small self-made tests.  This will serve to provide feedback.

 Also when you are setting goals, follow the below given formula:


    Set specific goals


    Stay focussed towards your goals.


    Work with responsibility.


    Make concerted efforts.


    Have faith and confidence in yourself.

 Dear students, if you follow the logical approach and apply thinking skills, then success will surely be yours in whatever you do.