Inclusive Education is practiced in Bhavan's Civil Lines, Nagpur for the past many years for helping children with special needs .

The main Aim is to improve the child's scholastic as well as behavioral performance in all dimensions through guidance, counseling, sensorial conditioning, group therapy and remedial training.

 It is divided into 2 groups :

a) Completely Integrated Students

b) Partially Integrated Students

a) Autism, Down's syndrome, Mentally subnormal category, Cerebral palsy with multiple disorder along with partially speech, hearing  and vision deficit , severe ADH and LD  

( We train such students for NIOS Std X and Std XII. )

b) Learning disability, ADHD and slow learners

( Students are evaluated with mainstream pattern

They are guided for LD certification from Mumbai (KM/SION hospital)

The school counselor in association with the class teachers, subject teachers and parents analyze him/her. The students psychometric tests are analyzed. I